Introducing our new book, ICT Skills Every Teacher Should Have Level 1: Basic. The first of its kind, this practical guide is aimed at helping educators use technology in the African classroom. The guide will help educators acquire ICT skills in the themes of ICT Literacy, Communications, The Cloud, Productivity Software, Content Management, ICT Integration, and Online Collaboration. 

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Every Teacher Should Have 

Key features

  • Clear, well-scaffolded instructions provide step-by-step guidance to teachers unfamiliar with using computers and software applications

  • Illustrations of software provide a resource for teachers to refer back to when they need to complete technical tasks independently

  • A glossary with key terms, useful keyboard shortcuts and websites for additional information is included

  • Plenty of activities help teachers use their new skills, to reinforce what they have learnt

Book 1 in a series of three, this guide is aimed at helping educators acquire the basic skills needed to operate various computer applications.

SACE-endorsed ICT Skills Every Teacher Should Have workshop

Our SACE-endorsed workshop offers a practical, immersive way for teachers to improve their ICT skills for the classroom context. The workshop is held over two days, and can be face-to-face or online. Each participant will receive a copy of the print book. 

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